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Spares News from FT457


On behalf of the staff at VSL I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year. Letís hope that we can all look forward to another Summer like the last one. Riding nirvana. Also, this year my Venom will be sixty and I feel this should be celebrated in some way but what do you do? Should I buy it a card, fill the tank with some expensive Shell V-Power 99 Octane petrol, or see if I can persuade the DWP to pay it the state pension? Actually, Iím going to buy it a present. So, what will it be, a Thruxton head, alloy rims, electric start, well no because VSL doesnít sell any of those. So, Iíve decided on exchange brake shoes (VSL103) in the hope that we can both celebrate our birthdays again next year!

Petrol Taps (Again)

This seems to be a recurring theme in my Spares News jottings. There was an interesting letter from Richard Boldry in FT456 regarding the failure of his Internet bought petrol taps and the time, skill and machine tools required to fix them. I take the opportunity, once more, to expound the virtues of the modestly priced but robust and reliable taps available from VSL at just £7.80 each.

VSL420 and VSL421 Petrol Taps

VSL420 & VSL421


In common with the VOC Membership Secretary we are having difficulty dealing with cheques. We do not intend, at least for now, to refuse to accept them but we intend to apply a minimum value of £10. This is necessary because of the high charges imposed by banks to process cheques from businesses and the extra administration incurred by VSL in handling them.

If the total value of your order, paid for by cheque, is less than £10 then we will credit the difference to your account. This means that next time you place an order your existing credit balance will be deducted from your bill. I hope that you will understand our reasons for applying this limit and agree that operating a credit on an account in this way is both fair and equitable. The change will apply from 1st February.

Parts Recently Restocked

Part No. Description Price
A287 Oil Tank Filter Gasket Bottom £0.80
A288 Oil Filter (original felt type) £22.50
B60/4 Gear Pedal Rubber £5.00
FA3/5 Trunnion Bush (nylon/metal) £4.85
KS75 Rear hub side plate £41.00
KS75/2 Rear wheel end plug £4.30
KS76 Rear hub Plate tube stainless £3.90
LE572 Oil Tank Filter Gasket Top £0.80
M2/7 Inlet Valve VM/MSS £21.00
M3/6C Valve Guide Inlet VM (Colsibro) £17.95
M216 Bottom rocker thrust washer £4.50
VSL019 Paper Oil Filter Kit Complete £32.50
VSL159/DVD Engine Overhaul DVD £15.00

New Parts

Part No. Description Price
A220/3 Long Velo H/bar Rubbers (pair) £15.00

Open Days

The next Open Day at the Old Chapel, Huncote, will take place on Sunday 13th January in conjunction with the East Midlands ĎBring & Buy Saleí at the Pavilion. Following that they are on Sunday 10th February and then Saturday 9th March.

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