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Below is a list of parts that were booked into stock at the Old Chapel today:

Part No. Description Price
A179/5 Primary Chaincase Gasket VM £3.98
A179/6 G/Box to Primary Chaincase Gasket S/A £0.90
A37/7D Dowty Sealing Washer 1/8 BSP £0.55
B43/2 Gearbox End Cover Gasket £1.02
B98 Gearbox Inspection Cover Gasket £0.42
BK43/2 G/Box Gasket MK2 MOV/MAC R/MSS £0.85
F282 Tele Fork Spring Dust Cover Buffer £1.10
FB61 Felt for Brake Shackle Pin £0.39
K108/2 Rocker Cover Gasket MK2 KSS £0.50
K120 Paper Packing for K46/2 £0.42
K123/2 Bevel Housing Cover Gasket £0.55
K148 Felt Pad for Rocker MK1 KSS £0.48
K159/2 Felt Washer £0.75
K41/4 Rocker Skid £10.75
K68/3 Timing Cover Gasket MK2 KSS £0.50
KA179 Primary Chaincase Gasket Rigid MAC/MOV £4.40
KA281 KSS Ex.Pipe/Head Copper Seal £1.55
M120 Pushrod Tube Top Gasket £0.58
M120/2 Pushrod Tube Bottom Gasket £0.95
M224/2 Valve Guide/Spring Cover Gasket £0.48
M226 Oil Pump Baseplate Gasket £0.40
M256/2 Tappet Cover Gasket VM/MSS £0.55
M260 Magneto Flange Gasket £0.80
M263 Rocker Box Gasket £7.35
M68 Timing Cover Gasket £0.94
M70/3 Cylinder Base Gasket £0.60
VSL009 Gasket Set Iron MAC/MOV £18.00
VSL010 Alloy MAC Gasket Set £19.50
VSL011 KSS MK2 Gasket Set £20.98
VSL012 VM/MSS Gasket Set £26.00
VSL154 Viper Gasket Set £20.40
W12/2 Felt Washer Front Brake Cam £0.60


Below is a list of parts that were booked into stock at the Old Chapel today:

Part No. Description Price
4MS Front Fork Spring KSS/MSS £43.00
VSL007 Petrol Tank Cap £14.75
VSL402 Ferrule .525 Inch Inside Dia. £0.85
VSL406 Fuel Tap Dowty Washer £0.85
VSL410 T Piece £4.20
VSL420 Lever Type Petrol Tap £7.80
VSL421 Lever Type Petrol Tap - Reserve £7.80


Below is a list of parts that were booked into stock at the Old Chapel today:

Part No. Description Price
E51 Battery Strap Trunnion Plain (SS) £3.15
E51/2 Battery Strap Trunnion Threaded (SS) £3.65
M93/2A Engine Shock Absorber Nut (SS) £12.50
SL56/33 5/16 CEI Nut with Small Hex (Tappet Adjuster) £1.40
SL80/22A Socket Screw 2BA X 1/2 Chaincase Screw (SS) £0.75
VSL125 Front Brake Cable KSS 32-48 £21.50
VSL136 Throttle Cable Monobloc £11.50
VSL136A Throttle Cable Monobloc £9.95
VSL137 Throttle Cable Concentric £10.50
VSL137A Throttle Cable Concentric £10.50
VSL141 Choke Cable All Carbs (Mid-Adj) £10.50
VSL142 Choke Cable All Carbs (Adj-on Carb) £10.50
VSL319 1/4 BSF X 1 3/4 Hex Bolt (SS) £1.90
VSL322C 1/4 BSW X 1 3/4 Hex Bolt (SS) £1.10
VSL333 1/4 BSF Nut (SS) £0.30
VSL334 1/4 BSF Nylock nut (SS) £1.80
VSL340 3/8 cycle nut (SS) £0.95
VSL344L 1/4 Single Coil Lock Washer (SS) £0.09
VSL346L 3/8 Single Coil Lock Washer (SS) £0.20
VSL347 7/16 Plain Washer (SS) £0.17

Spares News from FT451


If you havenít already then now is a good time for the annual oil change. I know it can be a bit of a messy affair thanks to Velocetteís somewhat vindictive placement of the oil tank drain plug and the problem of getting those old top and bottom gaskets to form a seal again once theyíve been disturbed. For what itís worth, my advice is to cut the bottom out of a four-pint plastic milk bottle to use as a funnel to drain the oil, and to always buy new gaskets. You might also want to take the opportunity to fit one of our magnetic drain plugs at the same time.

You will need either:

VSL020 Paper Oil Filter Element (for use with VSL Filter Kit)
A288 Felt Oil Filter Element (standard fitting)

LE572 Oil Tank Cap Gasket Top
A287 Oil Tank Cap Gasket Bottom

And maybe
B38M Drain Plug (Magnetic)

Oil Change Kit

If you are suffering from wet sumping and are not sure of the efficacy of whacking the steel ball into its seating with a hammer in an attempt to improve matters, then you may prefer to try our Nitrile Ball Valve Ball. No Birmingham screwdriver required to fit it but I would recommend buying a new Ball Valve Spring to complete the job.

W15/2R Nitrile Ball Valve Ball
M255 Ball Valve Spring

For anyone who still has a VHS player we have reduced the price of the Engine and Gearbox videos to £5 each. Very limited stock so hurry and grab a bargain.

VSL158 Video Gearbox
VSL159 Video Engine

Spares News from FT450


January Spares Open Day

As ever this was a very well attended event thanks to the East Midlands Centreís Bring & Buy sale nearby, and itís by far the busiest day of the year at the Old Chapel. Thanks to Geoff Bloor for organising the queuing system for us and to Yvonne Lawrence and Wendy Fordyce for providing the very welcome refreshments. Itís good to start the year with such a successful and enjoyable event. Long may it continue!

Sleeve Gear Nut Tool

I think that everyone who has reassembled a Velocette clutch will acknowledge that it can be somewhat tricky, especially if you donít have the right tools. Getting the Sleeve Gear Nut to engage with the first thread on the Sleeve Gear can be a deeply frustrating experience. However, using the correct tool can make all the difference and with this in mind I can recommend the VSL Sleeve Gear Nut Tool (VSL115). It is best used in conjunction with a socket spanner as in the picture below or if required it can be held in place with the Gear Shaft Nut.

Sleeve Gear Nut Tool Sleeve Gear Nut Tool in Use

VSL115 Sleeve Gear Nut Tool £19.75

Spares News from FT449


On behalf of all the staff at VSL I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year. Letís hope we have plenty of good riding weather this year so we can use our bikes to the full.

Thanks to everyone who sent Christmas cards to us at the Old Chapel and the kind words. Much appreciated. The majority of our orders now come by email rather than through the post. Email has the advantage that it saves our customers postage and we are able to read all the orders. Illegible handwriting is not just the preserve of doctors it would seem. If you would like to place your orders by email you just have to register your credit card with us. Please see the website for details.

We have managed to acquire a small quantity of RHP B22 Sleeve Gear Bearings. These are the superior quality brass caged bearings that also have larger diameter ball bearings than the cheaper steel caged items. They are made in England and priced at £65 each, and as they say 'when they're gone they're gone'. So, if you want a top quality B22 bearing now is your chance!

RHP 98207MB Ball Bearing

RHP B22 Sleeve Gear Ball Bearing £65.00

Open Days

I donít think we have ever failed to open on any of the scheduled Open Days in the last several years. However, the day before the last December Open Day there was heavy snow followed by continuous heavy snow on the Sunday. In the event despite the heroic efforts of our stalwart volunteers none managed to make it as far as Huncote. We apologise if anyone did make it to the Old Chapel only to find it closed. It did occur to us that we had no means of informing members if an Open Day should have to be cancelled at short notice. In future we will put a notice on the website if there is any last-minute change to the schedule. So, it would be worth checking the website before setting out especially in adverse weather conditions.

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