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SUMMER SALE - Additional Items

We have added more stock items to our sale and listed them all on a new SALE webpage. As before all sale items benefit from a 15% discount off list prices and to obtain the discount you should enter the Voucher Code 'SALE15' when checking out. Some of the larger items are for collection at Huncote only and are not offered for delivery. Smaller items can be delivered or collected from Huncote.

Pick-up would usually be on a Thursday following the date of order between 10:00 and 12:00 Midday but we may contact you to confirm.

Please note that it will not be possible to add items to your order while collecting from Huncote so please make sure that you include everything you need in your online order. Also please bring a suitable bag or box for your parts.

For identification purposes please provide either, a copy of your invoice or the order confirmation email, which may be printed or on your phone. If you have neither then you should be ready to quote your order number and have your membership card with you.

VSL, The Old Chapel, Cheney End, Huncote, LE9 3AD

There is no parking (for cars) at The Old Chapel but spaces may be found on the left-hand side of the first part of Cheney End as you approach VSL. The right-hand side is reserved for residents. Otherwise, please park in the Red Lion car park.

VSL Now Open to Overseas Members


We're pleased to advise that the Volunteers have successfully processed the first batches of orders received since we re-opened two weeks ago.

**Accordingly we are now able to accept orders from Europe and Overseas as well as from the UK**.

Please note that, as Britain has left the EU, members ordering from EU countries may now have customs duty and VAT levied at the point of receipt. This is unfortunately beyond our control.

VSL Re-opening April 2021


The Government has set out its ‘Roadmap’ for the easing of Covid restrictions in England. On the basis of this we have devised our own roadmap for the staged re-opening of the Online Shop which is set out below:

Saturday 10th April – the Online shop will open to UK based members only.

Thursday 15th April – 1st weekly order processing day at the Old Chapel. At this time we will continue to restrict our volunteer numbers to just two together on site.

Monday 17th May – Online Shop open to EU & Rest of the World members. We anticipate being able to have more people on shift to process the orders as restrictions on numbers meeting indoors are relaxed and our volunteers should have had their 2nd Covid vaccinations.

NB Now that the UK is no longer a member of the EU there may be additional taxes and carrier fees payable on parcels delivered in EU countries.

VSL Temporary Closure


Although England's national lockdown is due to end on December 2nd, it has been announced that Leicester will subsequently be placed in the "Tier 3: Very High alert" category. Regrettably this means that the shop will not be opening. The Government has promised to review matters in early January and we will make a further announcement at this time. We know that the continued closure will disappoint our members but the health and well-being of our volunteers who have to travel to Huncote is paramount.


Due to the Covid-19 'Lockdown' in England announced today VSL is temporarily closed until 2nd December when the situation will be re-assessed. We will of course re-open as soon as the Government regulations allow.

VSL Online Shop


We are pleased to announce that the Online Shop is now open to VOC members in Europe.

Spares News From FT471


Since the Online shop opened in June orders have been coming in at a rate never achieved before and they continue to do so. This is great news for VSL and we are working hard to keep up with the orders, both in processing them and maintaining our stock levels. Of course, due to Covid this has come at a time when we are least able to cope with this increased level of demand as currently we can only deploy two people on a shift at Huncote. The good news is that we have recently opened the shop to members based in Europe and will open to the rest of the world as soon as we believe we can manage the additional workload. Please check the VSL website for the latest information.

Contacting VSL

The [email protected] email address has now been closed. If you have a query regarding an online order then please use [email protected] Please be aware that this address is for communications related to orders only and not for general enquiries or technical advice. For technical advice please consult one of the Technical Experts who’s contact details are listed in FT.

Parts Recently Back in Stock

MAS73 Front Wheel Dust Cover (ss) £23.50
VSL460 Replica Miller Stop Light Switch

MAS73 Front Wheel Dust Cover
MAS73 Front Wheel Dust Cover

New Parts

SL110/6 Rear Engine Plate Bolt (Long) 3/8 26 TPI x 3” (ss) £4.00
We have acquired a small quantity of these longer engine plate bolts which are required when the additional drive side strengthener plate is fitted.

Open Days

Unfortunately, in the current circumstances, we will not be able to run Open Days or facilitate the collection of orders from Huncote.

Spares News From FT470


The VSL Online Shop

We wondered after being closed for so long whether we would have any customers left of if you had all fallen in to the arms of other suppliers? Well, we need not have worried because as we hoped or loyal fellow club members, whose support we appreciate so much and whose custom we value so highly, have placed literally hundreds of orders with us since our re-opening on 12th June.

On behalf of all my VSL colleagues I sincerely thank everyone who has stuck with us during these bleak times and especially those who have indicated their appreciation of our new online system and service. You are helping us to secure the long term future of VSL so that it can continue to supply high quality spares exclusively to club members.

I appreciate that there is some frustration amongst our oversees members who are currently unable to place orders due to our restricted operations necessitated by Covid-19 precautions. We can only apologise and assure you that we will open up the service immediately once conditions allow.

Internal Gear Linkage

I’m pleased to be able to say that the Internal Gear Linkage VSL037 is now back in stock. In our ‘Special’ parts category this has always been one of our best sellers. It is of an improved design which means that it’s even better as it’s now adjustable. So, is it time to finally bin the ‘Bent Scrap Iron’ and retire the multiple (worn) link and to put the positive back into ‘positive stop gearchange’?

VSL037 New Internal Gear Linkage
VSL037 Internal Gear Linkage £27.50

Parts Recently Restocked

E16/3 Dynamo ‘V’ Belt (short) £7.50
E16/4 Dynamo ‘V’ Belt (long) £7.50
FK152 Tank Fixing Bolt KSS/MSS £6.00

New Parts

VSL411 Hose Clip to fit 3/8” hose £1.00
VSL412 Hose Clip to fit 5/16” hose £1.00
VSL413 Hose Clip to fit 1/4” hose £1.00

Open Days

Unfortunately, in the current circumstances, we will not be able to run Open Days or facilitate the collection of orders from Huncote.

Spares News From FT469


The VSL Online Shop

VSL has re-opened and the new Online Shop is up and running and taking orders. This has been made possible by the terrific efforts of the VSL staff in doing all the necessary preparatory work for the new system. And then devising a safe method of working at Huncote, in-line with Government regulations, so that orders can be processed and dispatched. We very much look forward to receiving your orders and hope that you will find the new system efficient and easy to use.

The online shop can be accessed at

Initially, there will be some restrictions due to the current Covid-19 situation.

• Only online orders can be accepted. Orders received by post will NOT be processed.
• Open Days are not feasible at the moment.
• It will NOT be possible to collect orders from the Old Chapel.
• In view of the need to limit operating complexities and to keep everyone safe, orders are restricted to UK deliveries for now. In due course it will be possible to include international deliveries.
• As before we will process and dispatch orders on a weekly basis.
• Please be aware that the former Ordering by Email service is no longer available. All Registration Forms held at Huncote have been securely destroyed so that VSL no longer holds any credit card information.

Parts Recently Restocked

BK19A Improved Kickstart Return Spring £5.50
BK19/2 Kickstart Engagement Spring £3.00
BK68 Indexing Pawl Spring £4.00
KS60 Rear Brake Drum Stud Nut SS £6.50
RT115 Oil Valve Spring £3.75
VSL380 Engine Pulley 40T VM/MSS/VR/VMT £39.45
VSL381 Engine Pulley 40T MOV/MAC £38.45
VSL382 Dynamo Pulley 32T £29.90
VSL383 Dynamo Pulley 36T £32.40
VSL388 Dynamo Pulley 36 T (for 13mm Shaft) £32.50

Finally, VSL180 Clutch Cable Boot – Gearbox End is now back in stock after about a year spent trying to find a new supplier. Consequently, we’ve bought a vast quantity, so dare I say ‘fill your boots!’. Add one to your next order, they’re just £1.20.

Dynamo Pulley Set

Here is another worthwhile modification from VSL to provide improved dynamo drive. The main advantage is that the toothed belt configuration eliminates slippage even when lubricated via the drive side main bearing. In addition, no belt tension is required which takes the load off the dynamo bearings. The conversion is available in 1.1 : 1 and 1.25 : 1 ratios, and fits without modification.

Dynamo Pulley Set
Dynamo Pulley Set
Comprising VSL380 VSL383 VSL386

Open Days

Unfortunately, in the current circumstances, we will not be able to run Open Days or facilitate the collection of orders from Huncote.

VSL037 Internal Gearbox Linkage - Back in Stock


We now have the best selling rose jointed Internal Gearbox Linkage back in stock. It's now even better with an improved design which makes it adjustable. Here is an extract from the Guidance Notes / Fitting Instructions available in full on the 'Special Parts' page.

"The new assembly is adjustable for length – thus providing a means of adjusting the gear foot pedal position whilst assembling the gearbox. It is important to be able to adjust the vertical position of the gear pedal, both for comfort with standard footrests or Mk I Clubman rearsets, and to achieve a right angle between the short outer gear lever on the gearbox and the link rod to the gear pedal on Mk II Clubman/Thruxton-type rearsets."

Internal Gear Linkage
VSL037 Internal Gearbox Linkage

VSL Online Shop Now Open for Business


VSL will re-open and you will be able to start placing orders using the new Online Shop on the 12th June. Our first order processing day will be w/c 15th June and we will then process orders on a weekly basis as before. Payment can be made using PayPal or credit card. We will no longer be accepting mail orders or cheques and please note that it is no longer possible to place orders using the old email ordering system.

Spares News From FT468


As you may imagine I have nothing of substance to report as nothing has changed on the VSL front since the last FT. Like everyone we can only hope that the current situation is soon brought under control and we are once again allowed contact with our fellow humans and able to ride our bikes. Sadly, until then the social distancing measures are preventing VSL from re-opening, as the team will not safely be able to co-habit the cramped aisles between racks in the confines of the Old Chapel.

The only current activity is that a member of the team, local to the Old Chapel, is making ad-hoc visits to check that all is well. And I’m happy to report that it is.

I very much hope that in the not too distant future I will be able to return to my usual format, i.e. giving you the latest spares news and at the same time attempting to convince you of the benefits of buying high quality spares from VSL. Here’s hoping!

In the meantime here is a photo of the Old Chapel taken in more normal times with three of our volunteers and a couple of their beautifully maintained bikes.

Spares News From FT467


There is good news regarding the creation of the VSL Online Shop which is now ready for use. However the coronavirus emergency means that VSL may not be able to fulfill orders in the short term. It has therefore been decided that the re-opening of VSL with this new facility will be delayed until we can be confident that your orders can be processed reliably.

As soon as this can be arranged an announcement will be made on the VSL and Club websites, so keep an eye out for this. In the meantime, turn to page 32-33 to see what is 'in store'!

Spares News From FT466


I will start by confirming that VSL is now temporarily closed in line with our announcement in the last FT.

For the future our overriding objective is to improve our service to the membership and ease the lot of the VSL volunteers. Following discussions between VSL and the VOC Executive it has been decided that VSL will implement an online shop. A suitable application has been identified and demonstrated to us by Tom Roche and the VOC will assist VSL in implementing the new system and with its ongoing support.

The main advantages for VSL’s customers will be that ordering online will simplify the process and remove the requirement to register card details and then email order forms to us. Payment options will include PayPal.

Equally, there are advantages to VSL in operating an online shop as a significant part of the work we do on Mail Days would disappear. Currently, we type part numbers and quantities from an order into a computer to produce an invoice which is then printed, and then we type card numbers and other details into our credit card reader in order to take payment. Sometimes there is a problem with the order or payment so we have to attempt to contact the customer in order to resolve it. This is all very time consuming but will be unnecessary with an online system.

Such a system represents a huge change for VSL management and its operations and will require significant initial effort to implement. We will also have to replace most of our ageing computer and network infrastructure and retrain our volunteers. I’m sure you will appreciate that this cannot happen overnight.

In regard to staff, with the help of Bill Greenwood we have had an excellent response to our call for new volunteers. Some have already done a shift or two on Mail Days at Huncote and we are encouraged by how well they have done.

Just about every club member I have spoken to recently wants to know when VSL will reopen for business but unfortunately at the time of writing I am unable to give a definitive answer. There is a great deal to do and much to learn. Having said that, with the help of VOC, we are doing all we can to make it happen and we have already made progress. All I can say now is that we are very aware of the urgency and that we are working hard towards our goal. With VOC help and support we will re-open with an improved service as soon as we possibly can. Watch this space!

Spares News From FT465


In the light of our current staffing problems and in order to put in place an improved service for club members VSL will be closing temporarily from January 24th. The last Mail Day therefore will be 23rd January and orders must be received by Wednesday 22nd at the latest for processing. Please do not send any mail or e-orders after 22nd January.

We apologise for the loss of service while this work is in progress and hope that your forbearance will be rewarded in due course. Progress will be reported in Fishtail and in the meantime, we will post any significant updates on this website.

The response to our request for new volunteers has been encouraging but we still need additional help. So, if you are local to Huncote and feel able to give some of your spare time then please call Peter Pares (his number is in FT464) to find out more if you would like to help.

We would like to assure you of our continued commitment to VSL and wish you a happy and healthy 2020.

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