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Spares News From FT464


Well, as I’m writing this in October and there are still some Alcester Centre rides planned it’s difficult to start thinking about Christmas. But as in previous years I do like to make some suggestions for Christmas presents, in particular the ones you might want to give to yourself.

Haynes Manual

We are offering the same deal as last year on our Haynes manuals which means you can get a brand new, latest edition manual at the discounted price of £15 between now and Christmas.

Haynes Manual

VSL100 Haynes Manual


If you already have the Magneto Nut Spanner (VSL120) and the Sleeve Gear Nut Tool (VSL115) then you might want to consider your next acquisition. Rear chain adjustment is critical, too tight and there’s a risk of overstressing the sleeve gear bearing and too slack and you will be constantly reminded by the loud clunk every time you select 1st gear.

Chain Adjustment Tool

VSL361 Rear Chain Adjustment Strap

The Service Manual specifies the use of one of these to get accurate chain adjustment on S/A machines. It even provides dimensions so that you can make your own, but as the ones we sell are nicely made in proper gauge steel and cost only £5, fortunately you don’t need to.


I know the overhaul DVD’s are a recurring theme in Spares News but I make no apology as they are a personal favourite and remain as relevant as ever. Priced at £15 each.


VSL159/DVD                     VSL158/DVD

For all of the above please order before 11th December for Christmas delivery.

Parts Recently Restocked

9M Mudguard Bracket powder coated. £6.85
23M Rubber Bush for Webb Damper £2.40
A153/2 Toolbox to Frame Clip powder coated £3.35
B43/2 Gearbox End Cover Gasket S/A £1.21
E6/5 Dynamo Strap powder coated £10.50
E6/5S Dynamo Strap polished stainless £13.50
FK151 Rubber Tank Buffer (Long) £2.45
FK151/2 Rubber Tank Buffer (Short) £2.10
FK151/3 Rubber Tank Buffer (V. short) £1.95
FK257 Toolbox to Mudguard Clip powder coated £4.00
K2/12 In or Ex Valve KSS Mk1 to ’35 £32.50
K2/14 In Valve KSS Mk2 £31.50
K2/15 Ex Valve £31.50
LE319/2 Rear Number plate S/A (6 Digit) powder coated £29.50
MAS95 Rear Chainguard S/A powder coated £72.00
MAS117/2 Number Plate Tunnel powder coated £32.00
S41/4 Rear Brake Steady (Rigid) ss £5.50
VSL073 Miller Replica Horn/Dipswitch £12.50
VSL104/C Spare Parts List S/A MAC £8.25
VSL403 Union Nut ¼ BSP £1.20
VSL408 Straight Spigot £1.30
VSL409 Spigot Elbow ¼ BSP (with nut) £4.70

Supplying Traders

VSL was established by the VOC in order to supply Velocette spares as a benefit to the membership and therefore we sell to members only. We do not supply traders and this policy was reconfirmed at the last VOC Executive Committee meeting. However, we have a small number of VOC members who are also traders so in these cases VSL will exercise some flexibility as such members are of course entitled to buy parts for their own use. This arrangement is inevitably based on trust and resale by member/traders of VSL sourced parts will be regarded as a breach of that trust. We will in any case limit quantities at our discretion.

Mail Days

I think that most people are aware that we operate a ‘Mail Day’ usually on a Thursday every week. On these days all the orders placed, either by email or post, are processed and dispatched by the volunteers at Huncote. Due to staffing shortages we can now only run Mail Days three weeks out of four and this will inevitably lead to delays in processing some orders. On behalf of VSL I would like to apologise for any inconvenience and ask for your understanding and forbearance. In order to improve our ser-vice we would appreciate some help! Please see Peter Pares request for new volunteer helpers elsewhere in this FT. If you wish to become a VSL volunteer or at least find out more about what’s involved then please either call Peter (his number is in FT) or email us at: [email protected]

Finally, from all at VSL we would like to wish you a merry Christmas and healthy and happy New Year. We will be taking a short break over the Christmas period but service will be resumed during the first week of January.

Open Days

The next Open Days at the Old Chapel, Huncote, are on Sunday 8th December, Sunday 5th January (together with the East Midlands organised Bring & Buy Sale at the Pavilion) and then Sunday 9th February.

Spares News From FT463


Email Ordering

The facility to register for email ordering by using a form downloaded from the VSL website has been available since the site was launched in November 2016.

Since then we have typically received 5 to 10 Registration / Update Forms and 10 to 20 Order Forms per week. Based on these figures I estimate that in the last three years we have received and processed over three thousand correctly completed forms.

Sometimes we receive a form that due to an incorrect format or omission of required information, we cannot process. In this situation VSL will contact the member and try to resolve the problem. For example, when appropriate, we now provide a link to a YouTube video showing Apple kit users how to save their file in a format acceptable to our Windows PC’s.

We believe that we have made our registration and order process as simple as it can be given the technology and resources at our disposal. We will help members to resolve problems but I’m sure that everyone will appreciate that it is not for us to provide IT training. Email ordering has been a great success and most of our orders are received this way. It provides benefits for our customers and VSL which is why we have put time and effort into providing the facility, and witnessed by the ever increasing number of registrations, it is also extremely popular with the VOC membership.

From time to time we do review our processes but currently we have no plans to change this successful formula.

If you wish to take advantage of the Email Ordering facility then please visit the VSL website where you will find everything you need to get started.

More Tinware

We have just taken delivery of some Rear Chain Guards for S/A machines made by the same tinware specialist as the tool boxes featured in the last FT. They are to the same high standard and powder coated black. These have been out of stock for a while, and again we have a limited number, so if you have been waiting for one I recommend that you place an order with us soon.

Rear Chain Guard

MAS95 Rear Chain Guard

Parts Recently Restocked

53P Steering Head Damper Nut ss (Rigid) £19.50
B34 1/8 Countersunk Screw £1.50
F4/22 Prop/Rear Stand Pivot Bolt ss (Rigid) £6.80
F270/2 Steering Head Locknut Damper Type ss £16.10
MAS6 Steering Head Locknut No Damper Type ss £16.10
MAS95 Rear Chain Guard S/A £72.00
SL56/9 Rear Wheel Nut Mk1 K ss (bar turned) £2.85
SL80/2 2BA Dome Head Screws for Chaincase ss £0.85

Open Days

The next Open Days at the Old Chapel, Huncote, are on Sunday 13th October, Saturday 9th November and then Sunday 8th December.


Parts Restocked Today

Part No. Description Price
9M Mudguard Bracket Powder Coated (Rigid) 6.85
A153/2 Toolbox Frame Brkt "P" Clip Powder Coated £3.35
E6/5 Dynamo Strap Powder Coated £10.50
E6/5S Dynamo Strap Polished Stainless £13.50
FK257 Toolbox Mudguard Brkt Powder Coated £4.00
LE319/2 Rear Number Plate (6 Digit) Powder Coated £29.50
MAS95 Rear Chainguard (S/A) Powder Coated £72.00
MAS117/32 Rear Number Plate Tunnel Powder Coated £32.00
S41/4 Rear Brake Plate Steady ss (Rigid) £5.50

Toolbox Frame Bracket Toolbox Mudguard Bracket

A153/2 Toolbox Frame Bracket                                     FK257 Toolbox Mudguard Bracket

Parts No Longer Stocked

VSL037 Internal Gearbox Linkage - we have sold out our current stock and we are no longer able to obtain further supplies. Regretably, it will be omitted from future Sales Lists.


Parts Restocked Today

Part No. Description Price
53P Steering Head Damper Nut ss (Rigid) 19.50
B34 1/8 BSW Countersunk Screw for Gearbox Locking Plate £1.50
F270/2 Steering Head Lock Nut ss (Damper Type) £16.10
MAS6 Steering Head Lock Nut ss (No Damper Type) £16.10

Spares News From FT462


Well at last we’ve now had some decent riding weather so I hope that you have been enjoying riding your bike(s) as often as possible. Now I wouldn’t want you to think that I have any vested interest in members putting miles on their Velo’s but of course if anything should wear out then we would be more than happy to receive your orders for replacements.

Tool Box (S/A)

We have a limited quantity of tool boxes for S/A machines (not VMT) which have been expertly made by a tinware specialist in the UK who also happens to be a VOC member. They come complete with all the necessary bracketry and a polished stainless knob but best of all they are powder coated in high gloss ‘regulation’ black. They are priced at £125 which for a British made tool box that’s complete and powder coated is I believe outstanding value. So, all that’s required is to fit it, and maybe as a finishing touch, apply a VOC sticker or machine badge available from the Regalia Shop.

Dynamo Strap Number Plate Tunnel

MAS37/2 Tool Box (S/A)

Parts Recently Restocked

20F 3/8 BSC Girder Fork Spindle Nut (bar turned ss) £3.50
30F ½ BSC Girder Fork Spindle Nut (bar turned ss) £3.50
F285/2 Chaincase O-Ring Large Boss £0.95
F303 Rear Mudguard Stay Spacer ss £3.50
FK151/4 Petrol Tank Rubber Buffer £3.85
SL6/67 Shock absorber nut washer (heat treated) £2.80
VSL012 VM/MSS Gasket set £24.00
VSL019 Paper Oil Filter Kit Complete £32.50
VSL027 Handlebars KTT (unplated) £31.00
VSL030 Handlebars Tele Forks Standard ss £31.00
VSL302 BSF 5/16 x 1 bolt ss (bar turned) £3.00
VSL420 Lever Type Petrol Tap (Off/On) £7.80
VSL421 Lever Type Petrol Tap (Off/Reserve) £7.80
W21/6 Front wheel spindle (ENT 16 with ss head) £32.00

Open Days

The next Open Days at the Old Chapel, Huncote, are on Sunday 15th September and then Sunday 13th October.

Spares News From FT461


In FT457 I hoped for a warm dry bike friendly summer like last year but sadly at the time of writing it’s been a big disappointment with much of June being a washout. For my recent birthday my family took me outdoor Karting and needless to say, it was pouring with rain. The track had standing water in places and the karts, which have Honda engines and are allegedly capable of 60 mph, were fitted with slick tyres! Great fun and sheer madness. On reflection though, not as mad as riding a Venom home from work in six inches of snow, but I was nineteen then. Hey-ho.

We continue to improve our stocks and again we have added a small number of new parts to extend the range we can offer. Our Sales List is expanding and it’s updated and re-issued on a monthly basis. It can be viewed or downloaded from the VSL website, or a printed copy can be obtained from us by mail order. The very latest information on new and restocked parts is always available on our website.


We have managed to source some tinware items, which have been out of stock for a while, from a new supplier. They have been made to a high standard and come pre painted.

Dynamo Strap Number Plate Tunnel

E6/5 & E6/5S Dynamo Strap

MAS117/2 Number Plate Tunnel

Velocette Rear Number Plate Velocette Rear Chain Cover Front

LE319/3 Rear Number Plate

MAS24 Rear Chain Cover Front

Parts Recently Restocked

68P Rigid Spring Lug Bolt ss £4.80
B38M B38 with Magnetic Insert £9.00
BK82 Kickstart Layshaft Thrust Washer £5.90
E6/5 Dynamo Strap British made painted black £10.50
E6/5S Dynamo Strap in polished stainless steel £13.50
F4/5 Rigid Rear Stand Pivot Bolt ss £6.00

K6/7&K7/6 Valve Spring Set - Tight Inner £18.00
KA70/4P Knee Grip Rubbers Rigid (sold in pairs) £36.00
KS52/2 Rigid Rear Wheel Distance Piece ss £6.50
LE319/3 Rear Number Plate 7 digit post ‘62 British made painted black £28.00
M3/5C Valve Guide Exhaust VM Colsibro £18.90
MAS24 Rear Chain Cover Front VM/VR/MSS British made painted black £58.00
MAS117/2 S/A Number Plate Tunnel British made painted black £29.00
SL8/3 1/4 BSF x 9/16 Domed Head Bolt. Bar turned ss £3.10
VSL007 Petrol Tank Cap Chrome Vented £14.75
VSL012 Gasket Set VM/MSS £24.00
VSL027 Handlebars KTT un-plated £31.00
VSL030 Handlebars Tele Fork Standard ss £31.00
VSL070 Miller Replica Headlight Switch £45.00
VSL090 6V 21/5W SBC Bulb Rear Light £0.95
VSL090B 12V 21/5W Stop/Tail Bulb £0.55
VSL382 Dynamo Pulley 32T £29.90
VSL396 Oil Pipe 3/8 Bore (Rubber) £6.50

We have also restocked numerous cables including the Valve Lifter ‘Specials’ and gaskets including the M263 Wired Rocker Box type.

New Parts

23MS Damper Mounting Washer £1.00
A224 Cable Ferrule £3.00
VSL301C ¼ BSF x 3/8 Hex Screw (Cad) £0.75

Open Days

The next Open Days at the Old Chapel, Huncote, are on Sunday 14thJuly and then Sunday 11th August.


Parts Restocked Today

Part No. Description Price
BK82 Kickstart Layshaft Thrust Washer £5.90
F4/5 Rear Stand Pivot Pin (Rigid ss) £6.00
KA70/4P Pair Knee Grip Rubbers (Rigid - KA70/4L & KA70/4R) £36.00

Spares News From FT460


We continue to make progress on improving our stock holding witnessed by another long list of restocked parts. The chainwheels for the 9 plate clutch (VSL152) are back in stock after a protracted supply problem, now finally resolved. Also, we have managed to obtain some MOV/MAC Gearbox Knuckle Joints (B69) which as far as we know are not available anywhere else. A number of the other parts listed have not been available for long periods of time but are now back on the shelves.

In April a somewhat overdue stock-take was carried out over two days at the Old Chapel. This was quite a big undertaking when you consider that we stock over a thousand different parts. I helped out on the first day and managed to avoid having to try and count main bearing shims but I did literally find myself counting washers at one stage. Credit for the success of this important administrative exercise goes to Tom Tunnicliffe and Bob Higgs who planned and managed it. All in all a very good team endeavour with many of the volunteers contributing their time and effort. However, the highlight of the event was eating one of Bob’s superb homemade sausage rolls. So, not only can he build the Vulcan but he can make pastry!

Clutch Re-line

Now that the clutch chainwheels are back in stock we can provide everything you need to re-line your clutch with the best parts available. If you do work on your clutch then please check that you have one of our roller thrust bearings fitted. If you haven’t then this is the time to make a simple and very effective improvement. For this you will need:

VSL094 Brass Bearing Cage
VSL095 Rollers 3/16 x 3/16 (14 required)
C7/26 Clutch Thrust Bearing Plain Ring
C28 Clutch Thrust Bearing Spherical Ring


VSL152 Chainwheel (9 Plate Clutch)

Parts Recently Restocked

B35/2 Sleeve Gear Distance Piece .625" (5/8") long £8.90
F233/4 Rigid Rear Brake Return Spring £9.90
F253 Fork Top Nut £13.00
K174 Main Bearing Shim (.005") £1.40
K174/2 Main Bearing Shim (.003") £1.40
K174/2A Main Bearing Shim (.002") £1.40
K174/3 Main Bearing Shim (.010") £1.40
KA303 Rear Mudguard Ext. Bolt £6.00
KS52/4 Rear Wheel Distance Piece S/A £8.90
M72/9 Magneto Gear £50.00
MAS41 Brake Rod S/A 20" £13.10
SL11/2 Front Engine Plate Bolt (bar turned) £5.80
SL30/12 Brake Rod KSS/MSS 23" £13.10
SL30/37 Brake Rod MOV/MAC 27” £12.00
VSL094 Brass Bearing Cage £10.50
VSL150 Clutch Friction Plate £19.50
VSL 151 Clutch Plain Plate £12.00
VSL152 Clutch Chainwheel (9 Plate) £133.00
VSL153 Clutch Chainwheel (7 Plate) £131.00
VSL315 2BA x 1/2 Hex Head Screw £0.75p
VSL335 5/16 BSF Nut £0.75p

New Parts

B35/3 Sleeve Gear Distance Piece .685" (11/16") long £8.90
B69 Knuckle Joint for Gear Control Rod (MOV/MAC pre 1946) £18.50
M251 Cylinder Head Stud Washer 5/16" (bar turned correct thickness) £2.70
S36/23AC Rear Brake Anchor Bolt (KSS/KTS/KTT/GTP and pre 39 MAC) £7.50
SL6/50 Cylinder Head Stud Washer 3/8" (bar turned correct thickness) £2.70

Open Days

The next Open Days at the Old Chapel, Huncote, are on Saturday 8th June and then Sunday 14thJuly.


Parts Restocked Today

Part No. Description Price
68P Spring Lug Bolt Rigid (ss) £4.80
E6/5 Dynamo Strap (painted black) £10.50
E6/5S Dynamo Strap (polished stainless) £13.50
F269 Handlebar Clamp Bolt S/A (ss) £4.80
KS52/2 Rear Wheel Distance Piece Rigid (ss) £6.50
LE319/3 Rear Number Plate 7 Digit (painted black) £28.00
MAS24 Rear Chain Cover Front Half (painted black) £58.00
MAS117/2 Number Plate Tunnel S/A (painted black) £29.00
SL8/3 1/4 BSF x 9/16 Domed Head Bolt (bar turned ss) £3.10

Dynamo Strap Number Plate Tunnel

E6/5 & E6/5S Dynamo Strap

MAS117/2 Number Plate Tunnel

Velocette Rear Number Plate Velocette Rear Chain Cover Front

LE319/3 Rear Number Plate

MAS24 Rear Chain Cover Front


We have some new parts in stock from today together with some others that have been out of stock for quite a long time. As far as we are aware the B69 Knuckle Joint is not currently available anywhere else.

New Parts

Part No. Description Price
B35/3 Sleeve Gear Distance Piece .686" (11/16") long £8.90
B69 Knuckle Joint for Gear Control Rod (MOV/MAC pre 46) £18.50
M251 Cylinder Head Stud Washer 5/16" (bar turned correct thickness) £2.70
S36/23AC Rear Brake Anchor Bolt (KSS/KTS/KTT/GTP and pre 39 MAC SS) £7.50
SL6/50 Cylinder Head Stud Washer 3/8" (bar turned correct thickness) £2.70

Knuckle Joint Gearbox

B69 Knuckle Joint for Gear Control Rod (MOV/MAC)

Restocked Parts

Part No. Description Price
B35/2 Sleeve Gear Distance Piece .625" (5/8") long £8.90
K174 Shim for Crankshaft Bearing (.005") £1.40
K174/2 Shim for Crankshaft Bearing (.003") £1.40
K174/2A Shim for Crankshaft Bearing (.002") £1.40
K174/3 Shim for Crankshaft Bearing (.010") £1.40
SL11/2 Front Engine Plate Bolt (bar turned SS) £5.80
SL30/37 Brake Rod 27" (MAC/MOV) £12.00

Spares News From FT459


You will see from the long list of restocked parts below that we are working hard to ensure that as many parts as possible are in stock and available for purchase. Our aim is to reduce to a minimum the dreaded “Hoping to re-order soon” from our Sales List. In practice it’s a very difficult goal to achieve but we are fortunate that we can call upon the skill and dedica-tion of our Stock Controllers, who specify and source the parts which we can then sell at reasonable cost. Always bearing in mind that they also need to meet VSL’s quality standards.

Swinging Arm

Velocettes have a deserved reputation for their excellent handling and precise steering. This does of course rely on proper maintenance and VSL can provide the parts you need to overhaul front forks, replace wheel bearings, and so on. I have featured the trunnion shaft and bushes here as I think the swinging arm is sometimes taken for granted but it is important to the handling of the machine and, once upon a time, to the MOT Tester.

VSL supply the Trunnion Shaft in stainless steel together with the Metal/Acetyl Copolymer type Trunnion Bushes which we believe have advantages over the original metal bushes.

Trunnion Shaft and Bushes

FA1/3 Trunnion Shaft £32.50             FA3/5 Trunnion Bush £4.85

Parts Recently Restocked

33/2F Shock Absorber Friction Disc MAC 40 On £6.50
33F Shock Absorber Friction Disc £7.25
A179/5 Primary Chaincase Gasket £4.10
B43/2 Gearbox End Cover Gasket £1.20
BK43/2 Gearbox Gasket MK2 MOV/MAC R/MSS £1.00
F4/10 Prop Stand Pivot Bolt £7.90
F256/2 Fork Bush 1.250 £15.00
FK249 Steering Damper Friction Disc £6.50
K55A Timing Cover Screw (Socket Head) SS £0.35
K95A Tappet Cover Screw (Socket Head) SS £0.35
K113 Mag. Chain for Cammys £25.00
K113L Mag. Chain for Cammys £25.00
K159/2 Felt Washer £0.85
KS8/10 Rear Wheel Spindle EN16T Shaft SS Head £32.50
LE106 Brake Cam Steady Felt £1.06
M68 Timing cover Gasket £1.20
M70/3 Cylinder Base Gasket VM/VR £0.85
M180/22 Insulated Carb Flange Gasket VR/MSS £1.50
M224/2 Valve Spring Cover Gasket £0.58
M226 Oil Pump Base Plate Gasket £0.70
VSL009 Gasket Set Iron MOV/MAC £18.00
VSL011 Gasket Set KSS MK II £20.98
VSL012 Gasket Set VM/MSS £24.00
VSL022 Handlebar MOV/MAC/GTP Web £31.00
VSL030 Handlebar Venom/Viper £31.00
VSL102E Service Manual – MK II KSS & KTS £13.25
VSL103 Brake Shoes (exchange only) Front & Rear £29.75
VSL325 5/16 BSF x 2 Hex Bolt £2.75
VSL340 3/8 Cycle Thread Nut £0.95
W12/2 Felt Washer Front Brake Cam £0.72
W65/2 Wheel Spindle Nut SS S/A £8.50

New Parts

KS62/3 Rear Hub Clamping Sleeve £8.50
S67 Rear Brake Plate Washer £5.00
VSL025A Handlebar KSS MK II (wider centre section) £31.00

Open Days

The next Open Days at the Old Chapel, Huncote, are on Sunday 7th April and then Sunday 5th May.

Spares News From FT458


I’m told that the January Open Day and East Midlands Bring & Buy were as busy as ever. They are certainly a great start to the year. I wasn’t rostered to attend this time so I missed out, but there is always such a buzz and a warm and friendly atmosphere at these events that I’m regretting that I wasn’t there.

The first Alcester Centre ride is usually scheduled for late March and I use this as my deadline for completing any pre riding season maintenance. It’s usually a very narrow window of opportunity to get the bike ready in time as I have become a complete wimp, working in a cold garage is something I often think I should be doing, but in practise it seldom happens. So, if like me you’re a fair weather fettler now is the time for action! As ever, VSL can provide the parts you need so please see our Sales List which can be downloaded from our website, or a printed copy can be ordered by post. We process orders on a weekly basis, usually on Wednesday or Thursday, so if we get your order by Tuesday afternoon there is a very good chance you will have your parts for the weekend (UK customers).

Carburettor Packing Gaskets (Spacers)

I can recommend VSL’s range of high quality Tufnol Carburettor Spacers. They are 4mm thick, heat resistant, provide an excellent thermal barrier and are very nicely finished and accurately made in five different sizes to cover most models. Priced at £5.25 each.

N.B. If you are replacing a Veloce original it may contain asbestos so please treat accordingly.

Carburettor Packing Gasket

Carburettor Packing Gasket

K180/3     Carb. Packing Gasket 1.062” Spring Frame MSS/MAC (1 1/16”)
K180/24   Carb. Packing Gasket 0.937” MOV/MAC (15/16”)
M180/2   Carb. Packing Gasket 1.125” VM (1 1/8”)
M180/25 Carb. Packing Gasket 1.00”   VR & MKII KSS (1”)
M180/30 Carb. Packing Gasket 1.187” VM (1 3/16”)

Parts Recently Restocked

Part No. Description Price
A22/13 Number Plate (Rigid Models) £30.00
A27/6 Primary Chain 75 Links £39.50
A28/8 Secondary Chain 124 Links £53.00
A37/7D 1/8” Dowty Seals £0.55
B22E Sleeve Gear Ball Bearing £30.25
FB54 Front Brake Shackle (ss) £3.75
FK252D Damper Knob Inc. Rod £15.00
KA12/10AS “D” Tool Box inc. Knob & Brackets £100.00
KA12/11AS “D” Tool Box WD inc. Knob & Brackets £110.00
KA27/2 Primary Chain 68 Links £36.00
KA27/4 Primary Chain 67 Links £43.00
KA28/4 Secondary Chain 99 Links £59.00
KA28/6 Rear Chain 101 Links £64.50
M2/17A Exhaust Valve VM (Unleaded) £28.60
M203/6 Compression Plate 0.031” (VM/VR/MSS) £3.00
VSL120 Magneto Nut Spanner £9.00
VSL158/DVD Gearbox Overhaul DVD £15.00
VSL363 Cammy Gland Nut Spanner £7.00

Open Days

The next Open Days at the Old Chapel, Huncote, are on Saturday 9th March and then Sunday 7th April.

Spares News from FT457


On behalf of the staff at VSL I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year. Let’s hope that we can all look forward to another Summer like the last one. Riding nirvana. Also, this year my Venom will be sixty and I feel this should be celebrated in some way but what do you do? Should I buy it a card, fill the tank with some expensive Shell V-Power 99 Octane petrol, or see if I can persuade the DWP to pay it the state pension? Actually, I’m going to buy it a present. So, what will it be, a Thruxton head, alloy rims, electric start, well no because VSL doesn’t sell any of those. So, I’ve decided on exchange brake shoes (VSL103) in the hope that we can both celebrate our birthdays again next year!

Petrol Taps (Again)

This seems to be a recurring theme in my Spares News jottings. There was an interesting letter from Richard Boldry in FT456 regarding the failure of his Internet bought petrol taps and the time, skill and machine tools required to fix them. I take the opportunity, once more, to expound the virtues of the modestly priced but robust and reliable taps available from VSL at just £7.80 each.

VSL420 and VSL421 Petrol Taps

VSL420 & VSL421


In common with the VOC Membership Secretary we are having difficulty dealing with cheques. We do not intend, at least for now, to refuse to accept them but we intend to apply a minimum value of £10. This is necessary because of the high charges imposed by banks to process cheques from businesses and the extra administration incurred by VSL in handling them.

If the total value of your order, paid for by cheque, is less than £10 then we will credit the difference to your account. This means that next time you place an order your existing credit balance will be deducted from your bill. I hope that you will understand our reasons for applying this limit and agree that operating a credit on an account in this way is both fair and equitable. The change will apply from 1st February.

Parts Recently Restocked

Part No. Description Price
A287 Oil Tank Filter Gasket Bottom £0.80
A288 Oil Filter (original felt type) £22.50
B60/4 Gear Pedal Rubber £5.00
FA3/5 Trunnion Bush (nylon/metal) £4.85
KS75 Rear hub side plate £41.00
KS75/2 Rear wheel end plug £4.30
KS76 Rear hub Plate tube stainless £3.90
LE572 Oil Tank Filter Gasket Top £0.80
M2/7 Inlet Valve VM/MSS £21.00
M3/6C Valve Guide Inlet VM (Colsibro) £17.95
M216 Bottom rocker thrust washer £4.50
VSL019 Paper Oil Filter Kit Complete £32.50
VSL159/DVD Engine Overhaul DVD £15.00

New Parts

Part No. Description Price
A220/3 Long Velo H/bar Rubbers (pair) £15.00

Open Days

The next Open Day at the Old Chapel, Huncote, will take place on Sunday 13th January in conjunction with the East Midlands ‘Bring & Buy Sale’ at the Pavilion. Following that they are on Sunday 10th February and then Saturday 9th March.

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