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Veloce Spares Limited

Use the appropriate Form for Ordering by Post

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Your order should be entered on a VSL Order Form that can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate icon below:

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  For a MAIL Order Form as a PDF file that you can print out, complete by hand, then post

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  For a MAIL Order Form as an A4 Word .docx file that you can complete on your PC, then print out and post

Post your order to:

Veloce Spares Ltd.
The Old Chapel
Cheney End

Ordering by Email

email logo Please use this link to find out how to register with VSL for ordering by e-mail

Using the VSL Sales List

The original Velocette part number is used to identify the part wherever possible. Parts should be ordered by this part number, and VSL's Sales List is mainly in part number sequence. In addition, many special parts have been made at the request of members. These all have a part number starting VSL and they are clearly identified in the Sales List.

It is therefore essential that you have a copy of the original Velocette Spare Parts List publication for your motorcycle. A copy of the original Velocette publication not only enables you to identify the part, but also, for models since the mid-1950's, it shows you how to assemble the parts correctly. Reprints of most of the original Velocette Spare Parts List publications are available from VSL, as are copies of the original Velocette Service Manuals. Look for them in the VSL Sales List - Part Numbers VSL102/ are Service Manuals, Part Numbers VSL104/ are Spares Lists.

Please note that the presence of a part in the VSL Sales List does not mean it is currently on the shelf. Although most items are in stock, parts are bought or made in batches and this can only be done when the minimum order quantity is justified.

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For a copy of the Sales List as a PDF document

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For an Excel spreadsheet version of the Sales List

Order by Part Number not just by Description

This makes the biggest single contribution to efficient use of our volunteers' time. Any other method wastes precious time as they try and work out what you want, and if they guess wrong then everyone's time is wasted. PLEASE INCLUDE DETAILS OF MODEL AND YEAR.

If possible, please include a daytime telephone number with your order so that we can contact you to resolve any query that may arise.

Post and Pack

Post and pack is extra on all orders. Postage & Packing will be charged at cost once the parts have been packed and weighed.


Credit & Debit cards are strongly preferred to cheques. Cards that can be used are: American Express, Maestro, Visa Credit and Debit, MasterCard Credit and Debit. In addition to your Card Number and Expiry Date and your Name & Address it is also necessary for you to provide the three digit Security Code from your card. It is usually on the back, near to the signature block, and possibly near to a repeat of all or part of your card number.

If you do not have a Credit or Debit card and so have to use a cheque with a mail order it must be endorsed with "Not to exceed £xx" and the amount fields left empty for VSL to complete. This is necessary because of the possibility that not all of the ordered parts will be in stock, prices may have changed, and the p&p cost can only be calculated when the order has been packed and weighed.

In future any cheques not made out this way will unfortunately need to be returned along with the order. For the bank to accept your cheque it is imperative that the words "not to exceed £xx" are written vertically between the two lines as in the example below:
A cheque like this is easier for you to prepare, and it is secure because it can only be encashed by Veloce Spares Limited.

Please note that the minimum value of a cheque is £10. If your total order value is less than £10 the balance will be credited to your account.


Please remember that the Spares Company is run entirely by volunteers. Volunteers deal with all the orders received by post or e-mail on one day each week (usually a Thursday) and so you should allow for this when anticipating delivery. The Old Chapel does not have any permanent staff, so communication by telephone is not normally possible.

Sensible Use of Parts

Please note that it is the user's responsibility to ensure that the part is suitable for the intended use.

Many of our replacement parts are precision manufactured on 'modern' CNC machines, but in some circumstances may still require a degree of skill when being installed on our elderly machines to achieve a satisfactory fit.

Veloce Spares Limited and the Velocette Owners' Club cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or claims occurring through the use of parts or information provided and (save for death or personal injury arising from negligence) all such liability is hereby excluded.


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