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Veloce Spares Limited

Register for Ordering by e-mail

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New Registration - There are Four Steps to Complete Your Registration


Download the REGISTER Form using the Download button below:

download button     This form is to be used for new registrations only
    To amend existing registered details please use the Update Form

Complete the Form Using MS Word or Similar Application

e-mail the Completed Form to VSL

Wait for an e-mail from VSL confirming your Registration and telling you the VSL e-mail
address to use for your e-orders

Then Place Your Orders With VSL via e-mail using the downloadable e-order forms:

    For an e-mail Order Form as a Word .docx file

    For an e-mail Order Form as an Excel .xlsx file

Update Your Existing Registered Details:

Please inform VSL by e-mail if your details or your card number change after you've registered using the UPDATE Form which can be downloaded using the button below:

download button

Remove Your Registered Details

If you want to withdraw your previous consent to Veloce Spares Ltd. for holding your details, or request a copy of the data that VSL is holding, or request that all your data is deleted, then please send VSL an e-mail from the e-mail address that you have previously registered with us. In the event that you can no longer send from your registered e-mail address then please send your request in writing to VSL at the following address: Veloce Spares Ltd., The Old Chapel, Cheney End, Huncote, Leicester, LE9 3AD, UK.

Important notes:

You must use your word processor or spreadsheet to fill in the e-mail Order form.
Send it to VSL only as a .doc (or .docx) or .xls (or .xlsx) or .pdf file attached to an e-mail.

Your order must be on an attached e-order form, not in the text of your e-mail.

Please do not scan and send your order as an image! Also please do not send a 'Cloud' file, or an .odt or .rtf or other than a .doc (or .docx) or .xls (or .xlsx) or .pdf file because anything else upsets VSL's e-mail security system.


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